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Our commitment to positive impact

Team Internet is proud to be involved in activities that address key ESG issues.

Certified Carbon Neutral Company

Team Internet decided to offset its emissions by investing in clean cookstoves nationwide in Uganda.  

See more information about this project and its impact below.

Eden Reforestation Projects

The Group also contributes to the Eden Reforestation Projects, helping in its mission to plant trees in different locations around the world, namely in Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nepal, The Philippines, Honduras and Brazil. 

Giving Back

Team Internet supports community engagement, charitable giving and humanitarian relief as part of our ESG commitments. Some of our recent efforts include the great work financed by our charitable SK-NIC fund, offering ongoing support, sponsorship and retraining to the Ukrainian people after the invasion of Ukraine and Red Cross donations following the Türkiye-Syria earthquake.

Assessment of Carbon Footprint

As for the estimation of the group’s GHG emissions, Team Internet appointed ClimatePartner, a leading carbon and energy management company. 

2022 (tCO₂e)
Gross total tons of CO₂e
Gross total tons of CO₂e per Group employee
Tons of CO₂e per Group revenue (in USD million)

And that’s not all: in line with the UN Broadband Commission’s objective of providing affordable internet connection to the 50% of the world that is still offline, Team Internet also actively provides and expands its internet services in virtually all developing countries of the world.  

We believe that the internet is a pivotal instrument for improving the human condition, and developing countries can benefit greatly from broader access to information, business and trade communications, and effortless connectivity with people around the globe. 

Some of our 2023 goals to improve energy efficiency

Leap to Clean

Switch all sites to renewable energy in an effort to reach net zero for Scope 2 emissions 

Less Waste and Commute

Given the hybrid working model, Team Internet will also be closing some offices to reduce Scope 3 emissions from employees commuting 

Green Networking

Travel policy continues to allow only essential business travel and use of greener methods of travel where available