Team Internet’s Search brands provide domain monetisation services and traffic commerce solutions for advertisers and publishers. 

Our Search businesses support two main customer segments—advertisers and publishers who wish to buy and sell conversion-optimised traffic to maximise their turnover, and domain portfolio holders looking for the best domain parking services. 

Hassle-Free Traffic 

The digital traffic market is a vast landscape of products and services. We connect consumers to the services they’re looking for with as little friction as possible. 

Thanks to industry-leading technology and decades of experience, we do this by: 

Optimising Portfolios and Campaigns
Delivering High-Intent Traffic
Connecting Audiences to Solutions

Explore our Search Solutions 

Helping you monetise your corner of the internet. 


  • ParkingCrew

    is the market leader in the domain parking space, enabling our customers to monetise their domain portfolios. With our self-service platform, domain owners can display relevant ads and use our self-optimising system to maximise their revenue.

  • TONIC.

    is a leading platform for referral traffic, providing media buyers with global access to our main upstream advertising partner to monetize their campaign traffic. With advanced tools for campaign management and tracking, TONIC. empowers publishers to maximize revenues at scale from high-yielding campaigns.

  • Adsolutely

    is a highly configurable keyword box that automatically displays the most relevant keywords to every individual page on your website and matches them with unique demand from our Main Upstream Advertising Partner, delivering high revenue without the need for user data.

  • Aporia LTD

    is a technology company operating in the fields of social media and native advertising. Based in Tel-Aviv, Aporia provides direct access to high-quality traffic.

  • Traffic.Club

    provides smart digital advertising solutions for agencies, brand holders and premium publishers. Traffic.Club matches a customer’s targeted audience through a programmatic and instantaneous auction process.

  • Fireball

    is a privacy-focused search engine based in Munich, Germany and powered by Bing.

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