Team Internet’s Registry brands offer industry-leading domain registry services for the global market, supporting more than half of the top twenty new TLDs on their platforms.

ICANN accredited and ISO 27001 certified, our Registry brands boast world-class technology platforms, an extensive range of support services and an integrated network of global retailers. 

DNS and Domains

Our DNS system, which powers the domains, is a global network of nameservers. With 60 locations distributed around the world, our DNS handles over 1 Billion queries per day and has maintained 100% uptime for 21 consecutive years. 

We support over 100 registries across all categories of domain name extensions: 

Country Code Top-Level Domains
Generic Top-Level Domains
dotBrand Top-Level Domains

Explore our Registry Solutions 

Our Registry brands provide public and private sector clients with the very best domain registry services.


  • CentralNic Registry

    is one of the world’s most widely used registry back-end platforms for all types of top-level domain registries. CentralNic Registry enables retailers to sell internet domain names and associated products, handles billing and cash collection on behalf of its registry clients as well other value-added services.

  • SK-NIC

    is the manager of the exclusive ccTLD for Slovakia, .SK. With over 375,000 domain names under management, .SK is one of the top-50 largest domain registries on the planet and is available for registration from anyone located in the European Union.

  • .RUHR

    is the top-level domain for the Ruhr region in Germany. This domain, which went online in 2013, was the world's first newly introduced Geo TLD and went online before those of many other major geographical areas around the world.

  • .Saarland

    is the registry for .Saarland domain names. Founded in 2011 and based in Germany, this registry is operated by a Saarland company, in the interests and participation of the businesses and people of the region. Its sole purpose is to promote the regional identity of the Saarland people.

  • dotBrandSolutions

    is the world's pioneering .brand TLD service. dotBrandSolutions combines proven technical solutions with a team of brand strategy experts, providing cater-made support to our global client base.


    is a retail service provider to TLD registries. It provides solutions designed for selling domain name registrations for a single TLD. TRS enables registry operators to maximise profits, provide a valuable direct route to market and control their own retail interface while outsourcing the entire registrar function.


Our Registry solutions are trusted by top organisations across the globe.

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