Reseller manages and markets domain names through a large network of approximately 20,000 resellers, who sell domain names to end-users in over 250 countries and territories.  

Reseller provides access to 1,300+ domain name extensions for purchase by end customers, and this is one of the widest range of extensions in the industry. 

Pushing the Boundaries of Service and Technology 

Team Internet’s Reseller solutions help to increase revenue and profitability by reselling a wide portfolio of web presence products and services to their respective customer bases.

These offerings include Domain Name Registrations, Web Hosting, Email Hosting and other allied products and services. In this way, we serve an incredibly wide customer base, including: 

Internet Service Providers 
Digital Organisations 

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  • CentralNic Reseller

    formerly RRPproxy, is one of the leading reseller platforms worldwide for domains and internet-related services. CentralNic Reseller’s products are designed for resale and can be easily integrated into retail systems through various API gateways and control panels.


    manages over 3.8 million domains and is the trusted domain platform of choice for thousands of resellers in over 110 countries. Known as leading developers of domain technologies, HEXONET provides its customers over 730 TLD options, advanced backordering services, domain preorders and a variety of popular products for resale.

  • TPP Wholesale

    was established in 2011 and is Australia’s leading domains and hosting provider. With over 15,000 active resellers, TPP is the de-facto choice for resellers in Australasia. The brand offers resellers the ability to resell hundreds of domain extensions, hosting, Office 365 and SSL Certificates to their customers.

  • PartnerGate

    is a specialist for domain management on a global scale. PartnerGate is selected by wholesale clients as their premium professional internet partner. With PartnerGate’s domain management system, resellers of all sizes can administer and manage domains under all available top-level domains in a fully automated manner.

  • NameAction

    provides digital services such as registration, management and protection of domain names in Latin America, the Caribbean and the rest of the world. Established in 1997 in Santiago, Chile, NameAction forms the base of our Reseller operations in LatAm's rapidly-growing digital market.

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