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CentralNic Named as Supplier Status on Crown Commercial Service’s Network Services 3 Framework for Critical Domain Services

CentralNic is one of only two firms named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s Network Services 3 framework under Lot 1d for Critical Domain Services.

LONDON, 30 May 2023 – CentralNic Group PLC (AIM: CNIC), is a global internet company that derives recurring revenue from privacy-safe, Artificial Intelligence based customer journeys that help online consumers make informed choices as well as from the distribution of domain names. As a named supplier, CentralNic is able to leverage its portfolio of robust registry services to support the UK Government’s development of critical domain infrastructure.

Critical domain services comprise the provision of domain registry services to operate and manage Nationally Critical Public Sector Domains. Including critical domain services in the new Network Services 3 framework highlights the Government’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security, resilience, and efficiency in its digital operations.

The UK government continuously works to improve the security and resilience of its digital services. As part of this, it wants the public sector bodies that require domain name infrastructure to have confidence that the critical domain services they procure meet recognised standards and best security practices. The addition will improve how domain names are managed, checked for vulnerabilities, and how access to domain records is protected.

Michael Riedl, CEO of CentralNic, said: “Securing our position as a named supplier on this highly influential UK Government framework is a significant milestone for CentralNic, underlining our strategic trajectory and continued growth. This recognition, testament to CentralNic’s Registry System’s proven quality, security, and the relentless dedication and expertise of our team, illuminates the value proposition we offer to our shareholders. Our unique capabilities are now further acknowledged at a government level, signifying stable, long-term value for our investors.

This achievement will also resonate with our current and prospective clients worldwide, reinforcing our position as a trusted provider of domain services. This status solidifies our credentials, asserting that our services meet the highest recognised standards of security and resilience. It provides an unequivocal assurance of the quality and security we bring to every partnership, giving prospective clients every reason to have the utmost confidence in our offerings. This remarkable achievement amplifies our commitment to delivering excellence on a global scale.”

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services providing world-class public services that offer best value for taxpayers.

Network Services 3 is the latest iteration of the CCS’s Network Services framework.  The agreement will provide telecommunication services including Critical Domain Services to Central Government Departments and all other UK Public Sector Bodies. This includes Local Authorities, Health, Police, Fire and Rescue, Education, and Devolved Administrations.

About CentralNic Registry

CentralNic Registry is a globally recognised registry services provider. It innovates and licenses its proprietary registry software while operating its own registry platforms. CentralNic also empowers other registry operators to run independent platforms and powers a myriad of domain extensions including country code TLDs, generic TLDs, second-level domain registries and .brand TLDs. CentralNic’s flexibility is unrivalled, configuring a solution tailored to Registry Operator’s needs, ranging from software-only licences to complete registry management and distribution.

For over 27 years, CentralNic’s robust in-house DNS system has powered domain extensions and assures the stability, security and resilience of the domain names supported by CentralNic.

About CentralNic Group

CentralNic (AIM: CNIC) is a fast-growing London-headquartered software company which helps online consumers make informed choices through privacy-safe and AI-based customer journeys that convert general interest internet users into high conviction buyers. It also operates a leading network for the automated distribution of domain names and associated services. It has delivered 78% CAGR since its IPO in 2013 through a combination of organic growth and acquiring and integrating cash generative businesses in its industry with annuity revenue streams and exposure to revenue markets.

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Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is an Executive Agency of the Cabinet Office. CCS supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services.

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