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Shinez: Welcoming the latest players to Team Internet!


20 March 2024 – Team Internet Group has entered into an agreement for the acquisition of Shinez, a digital marketing and content publication company. 

Shinez specialises in the production and promotion of highly engaging content across diverse channels such as social media, search engines, and native networks, skilfully monetising real-time visits through an expansive network of advertising exchanges. Its popular portals include,, and many others. 

Shinez will be joining Team Internet’s suite of innovative Search solutions that provide traffic commerce tools for advertisers and publishers. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for Team Internet as the Group expands its horizons and welcomes incredible new talent and expertise to the team! 

Michael Riedl, CEO of Team Internet, commented: 

“This acquisition marks a pivotal transformation for Team Internet Group, seamlessly aligning with our innovative OM2 vision – Omni-Media, Omni-Monetisation. Our vision is to establish a versatile platform that expertly guides internet users across diverse media landscapes (Omni-Media) and steers them towards the most effective monetisation avenues (Omni-Monetisation). The addition of Shinez’s capabilities and market reach will not only diversify our revenue streams but also accelerate our growth trajectory. We are excited about the prospects this partnership brings. We welcome the Shinez team to the Team Internet Group.” 

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