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Team Internet CEO Michael Riedl rocks the airwaves on Sky News 


19 March 2024 Team Internet CEO Michael Riedl rocked the airwaves this week during an interview with Ian King on Sky News. 

Michael offered an insightful overview of Team Internet’s two business segments: Online Marketing and Online Presence, shedding light on the factors that are powering each segment’s growth.   

Discussing Online Marketing, Michael touched on the three mega-trends propelling the industry forward, including consumer data privacy, the ascendence of social media platforms, and the rise of Artificial Intelligence, explaining how Team Internet’s Online Marketing brands are uniquely positioned to capitalize on these trends. 

Michael also commented on how the Group’s Online Presence segment, which offers domain name solutions for the global market, is helping to satisfy user demand for unique and exotic domain names. One such example is .ai, the country code for the island of Anguilla, which has been repurposed by the tech and AI industries to create uniquely branded websites. 

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