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Continued Expansion with Key Partnerships


LONDON, 7 August 2023 – CentralNic Group PLC (AIM: CNIC), the global internet company that derives recurring revenue from privacy-safe, AI-based customer journeys that help online consumers make informed choices, is pleased to announce a series of recent strategic partnerships, achievements, and the overall progress of the Group.

Zeropark (, the Commerce Media offering of CentralNic, has now been upgraded to a Tier 1 Demand Partner by Sovrn, a leading publisher technology platform reaching 500 million active consumers each day1. This exclusive status not only reflects the scale of business that Zeropark has achieved with Sovrn, but also underscores CentralNic’s continued commitment to compliance, transparency, and a mutual respect for Terms of Service (TOS) and operating practices. As a Tier 1 partner, Zeropark now has access to premium placements that are only available to a select group of Sovrn’s most trusted partners.

In addition, Zeropark has secured a significant deal with, the global online travel agency which recorded over 600 million website visits in June 20232. This partnership is aimed at increasing vacation bookings on through targeted ad campaigns run by Zeropark’s media buying team. Using the Zeropark platform, CentralNic will connect high-intent travellers seeking their next getaway directly to

Furthermore, Klarna, the Buy Now Pay Later platform, has become a direct publisher on the Zeropark network. This strategic alignment marks a transformative phase in e-commerce advertising, creating novel opportunities for advertisers and enhancing the product discovery and purchase journey for Klarna’s 150 million users3.

Voluum (, CentralNic’s flagship ad tracker, has launched a new integration with the popular e-commerce platform Shopify. This free integration will allow the Company’s customers to directly feed conversion data from their Shopify stores into Voluum, bolstering their ad, product, and page performance. Together, Voluum and Shopify aim to provide the necessary tools to millions of entrepreneurs, to enable them to create successful online stores and reach customers online, through mobile applications, and in physical stores.

Michael Riedl, CEO, commented: “These recent strategic alliances are not just partnerships, they are a testament to CentralNic’s unwavering commitment to innovation and collaboration. They seamlessly align with CentralNic’s strategic objective to work hand-in-hand with industry leaders across all sectors we engage in. These partnerships not only further enhance the value proposition of Zeropark and Voluum for our advertisers and publishers; they also underscore our dedication to understanding and addressing the unique needs of our business partners. Our ability to secure premier companies as partners is a reflection of our deep understanding of respective value chains, and our genuine commitment to fostering a symbiotic relationship that benefits all parties involved. This is not just about business growth, it’s about shaping the future of the digital landscape together.”

Looking ahead, CentralNic is excited about the potential these partnerships hold for the future. “We are committed to continuing our growth trajectory and further strengthening our partnerships. We believe these alliances will significantly contribute to our mission of shaping the future of the digital landscape,” added Riedl.

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