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Team Internet CEO Michael Riedl takes the stage at Domain Pulse in Vienna


28 February 2024 – Team Internet CEO Michael Riedl recently represented the Group at the Domain Pulse conference in Vienna, delivering a keynote speech covering current trends in the domain industry.  

Michael’s talk titled “The Domain Industry Update: TLDs, Trending Tech and Future Outlook” took a deep dive into various factors driving the domain industry’s growth, such as the increasing popularity of new generic top-level domains (new gTLDs) such as .art and .xyz and the transformative impact of technologies such as AI and Blockchain.  

Looking forward, Michael touched on the various possibilities and challenges posed by developments such as quantum computing, emphasising the need to adopt quantum-resistant technologies for domain security. 

Check out some images below of Michael on-stage!  

Photo credit: Anna Rauchenberger 

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